Fine Art Print Centre aims to produce the highest quality scans possible. If you intend to produce a printed edition via a traditional high volume printing company, or as many self-publishing artists are now doing by using their own Giclee printer, or maybe you want to digitally archive your work on CD before it is sold allowing you the option to produce an edition in the future, then Fine Art Print Centre can help.

The scanning of a work of art is actually the most important aspect in making an edition after the painting itself. A bad scan will produce an inferior print, whilst the highest quality scan is capable of producing prints of amazing quality. In printing terms what you put into the system reflects what you get out. It can not be stressed enough to ensure you get a scan of the highest quality if you want to achieve the finest quality prints possible.

High quality scan = High quality reproduction.
Low quality scan = Low quality reproduction.

Fine Art Print Centre can independently scan your artwork, which means that you will hold the master scan on CD. You can then provide digitally identical copy CDs to satisfy the requirements of your printer / publisher etc.
Our scans can be used for many purposes including :

• Giclee print editions
• Offset litho editions
• Archival reasons
• Posters
• Brochures
• Greeting cards
• Postcards
• Catalogues
• Insurance requirements
• Web sites
• Email

Scanned images will be stored on a CD-ROM or DVD as high resolution PDF, TIFF or JPEG depending on your preference.