Print On Demand

Print on demand is a new technology that allows large scale printers to create short-run reproductions instead of the large, expensive production runs normally associated with printing art.

The ability of the Giclée process to reproduce prints over a long period of time with consistency allows orders of a small number of prints when needed to be printed on demand. While the process does offer a high degree of consistency over time, editions that require exact matching should be printed at one time.

Print on demand is seen by many to have a promising future as traditional printing methods become unprofitable when doing small print runs (less than one hundred pictures), printing Artworks as they are required, instead of printing and then hoping the demand is there. Theoretically this could mean that Artwork never goes out of print, because tools exist to simply print more in a very automated fashion (be it one copy or one hundred).

The advantages of print on demand

• You avoid the higher costs, inventory hassles, and storage expense of larger print runs
• It is simple to reprint your art when your inventory runs low or when demand exceeds forecasts
• It allows you to test your new pieces in the market, lowering financial risk
• Due to low print runs you are able to make alterations to your work without being charged for another large print run
• You can replenish your out-of-stock paintings in small quantities preventing older pieces of work from becoming obsolete.